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College and Career Readiness

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Elementary Education

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College of Education

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Mississippi College School of Education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Courses The coursework for the Master of Education in Elementary Education online program is accelerated, offering.

Elementary education majors often choose to double major in special education. This can be done in four years with careful planning. Elementary education majors can also minor in art, music, theatre, Spanish, or special education. Students often choose coursework for coaching certification as well.

Ferris State University’s elementary education program is designed to provide a balanced blend of theory and practice. Students can obtain certification to teach kindergarten through fifth grade and grades 6.

Program Information Education - Elementary.

Judith Herb College of Education

To become an elementary teacher, you may complete a two-year liberal arts program at Northeast and then transfer credits to a four-year college offering the bachelor's degree in teacher education. WGU's elementary education post-baccalaureate teacher-preparation program is designed for aspiring teachers who already have a non-teaching bachelor’s degree.

This program is specifically designed for working adult students, so you can honor your current work and family responsibilities while completing your coursework. This major may be combined with courses in early childhood education or middle school/junior high education.

In addition, all students majoring in elementary education choose a minor in an area such as art, science, literacy, educational technology, physical education, or special education.

For an overview of the elementary education major go to.

College for elementary education
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