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Essay: Story of my Life

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This type of essay will give readers a glimpse into your most intimate life experiences and life lessons. There are many reasons you may need to write a personal essay, from a simple class assignment to a. I am a boy. My name is Sachin Agarwal. I like my name. My grandfather gave me this name.

I am seven years old. I read in standard V. My mother is a housewife. She works at home. My father is a serviceman. My parents are very kind. I have a sister.

Her name is Priyanka Agarwal. She reads in standard. Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, can take your writing from slow and mediocre to fast, strong, and effective.

Enter your essay. Oct 28,  · Find a list of simple, easy essays for children and students from Age 6 to Age Suitable essay topics and ideas for kids of Grade 1,2,3,4, 5.

Myself and Family Essay on My favorite day-Sunday Essay on my three wishes If I could invent a new toy My Best memory If i had a magic stick-Short Paragraph/simple essay Essay-My Lovely Sister.

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Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself. This type of evaluation usually occurs when some circumstance we encounter in our life touches on our sensitivities.

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