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Making Your Work Brilliant With Argumentative Essay Rubric

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Using Rubrics to Promote Thinking and Learning

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The ACT has two elements review your essays, and each argument gives your essay a score between 1 and 6 for four different domains:.

iRubric. Use this site to create your own rubric or to build off of the work of other teachers. You can work from scratch or make edits to a rubric you have already created.

Example 1 - Research Paper Rubric

Evaluating a College Writing Sample RUBRIC CRITERIA / SCALE Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Inadequate. Rubric for Effectively Written College-Level Essays Evaluation Conceptual Thesis Development and Substantiation Organizational Structure Use of Language.

Although the format of an instructional rubric can vary, all rubrics have two features in common: (1) a list of criteria, or "what counts" in a project or assignment; and (2) gradations of quality, with descriptions of strong, middling, and problematic student work. Ten Rubrics for Teaching Writing Rubrics can be useful in crafting assignments and in discussing and assessing student work.

The writing rubrics below were collaboratively produced by Middlebury College faculty as a result of a Teagle -funded project on college writing (project directors were Kathy Skubikowski and Adela Langrock). Examples of Rubrics. The VALUE rubrics contribute to the national dialogue on assessment of college student learning.

The AAC&U web is widely used by individuals working in schools, higher education associations, colleges, and universities in the United States and around the world.

Rubric for Essay Exam Answers.

Writing Rubric Rubric for college level essay
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